Ask Bob

What should I do to keep my pool nice while I am on vacation?

Pools should run for at least 12 hours a day. If you do not have a timer than you should leave your pump running while you are gone.

You should have someone check on and clean your pool while you are gone. We at trident offer a Weekly Maintenance where we come out and clean your pool once a week. We also offer Chemical Checks for when you are on vacation.

Can your Kids swim as well this year as they did last year?

Help keep your kids safe by having them show you how well they can swim.

With out practice your children might not be as good at swimming as they were last year.

Check out our safety page to see what else you can do to keep your swimmers safe.

Green Water!

Algae is the enemy of all pool owners! Algae is a living organism. It takes a two fold process

Injure it- brushing

Poison it- chlorinate or shock

Frequent brushing and proper chemical balance will take care of most algae problems.

Have fun! Use your pool often, frequent swimming helps keep pools clean!

What to do about cloudy water.

Make sure that your chemicals are balanced. If your chemicals are balanced then your water should sparkle like a diamond. If it is not your chemicals then it is probably the filtration. Chemically balanced pool water discourages the growth of Algae and other biologics. Filtration removes these pests from the water. Test your water daily and backwash once a week or a five to seven pound rise in pressure. This will help clear your pool and/or keep it clear.